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International Trucking -LTL

O.S group is providing a European LTL and FTL services.
You have a Shipment to send from one place to another within the EEC ?
Get a quote !!
International Trucking Team


European LTL services





Groupage Trucks are Trucks  traveling between EEC states.

The Trucks carring Shipments from one locations to another under CMR (truck delivery note ) and

within the Limitations of the CMR.

Inter European shipmnt need : CMR - issue by the trucker but can be prepared by Shipper.

Packing list or Delivery note between Shipper to Reciver.



All quote provided for Paletized cargo, Euro pallet , and Stackable.

Non stackable cargo need to be declared and will be rated accordinely.

Any quotes are for GENERAL CARGO only , however , DGR can be declared and might be carried under certain conditions.


Collection and Delivery Remarks

Pick up location must have Ramp or any other abilities to Load pallets/shipments on Truck.

Delivery Locations must have Ramp or other safe means to Unload shipments from Truck.

Collection and Delivery to be executed within working hours unless coordinated otherwise.

Truck waiting time is 1 hour at pick up or delivery , after 1 hour waiting time will be charged as per Tarrif


General remarks

Cargo is secure under CMR liabilities,

All Shippers are advise to purchase thier own Marine insurance.


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