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Logistics, Trade , Consulting



we beilive evrything is personal



We are a Dutch company, with H.Q in Netherlands and sub companies in mid and East Europe, 

we provide Trucking through Europe, we provide import and Export oriented services that include all parameters and- we provide warehousing in some locations in Europe, Bonded or free, CROSS DOCK OR PICK AND PACK...We also now going into the Pharma-Insustry-with Temp control locations.

Air Lines Rep.



General sales and Booking Agencies for

Major Airlines - Acting in Many European airports.

Air line GSSA provide door to airport services and Airport to Door.



Need support setting up company in Europe Need to set up your Logistics LinesOf Services, Import, Export Distribution ? Your Customs Procedures ? WE ARE your  Support.Need a Purchasing company in Europe to help you and support your EUROPEAN purchasing?
we know what you need. contact us


Everything is Personal !!
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